Monday, August 05, 2013

  Here are the finished seats and accessories. There is a set for a Jolly, a 500 and a Schellette with a dashboard, door pulls and a center console box. There are also 2 seats for a Crosley Woodie Wagon in the mix. All are finished with a mix that will protect them from the elements, just in case.!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fiat Jolly, Schellete and 500 Wicker seats

 Just dropped off is 4 sets of seats. 1 set is for a Fiat Jolly, 1 set is for a Fiat Schellette 1 is for a Fiat 500 and the 2 in red are out of a Crosley Woody Wagon being converted to wicker. Also in the picture is a dashboard, 2 inside door pulls and a wicker basket I believe goes between the seats.

The white vinyl covers what's left of the wicker. Also have the 2 barstools in the back so I guess I need a boatload of round reed!

Friday, February 15, 2013


This is the finished Douchesse set put together. We have done the 3 bottoms and one panel in the back, Blind Cane, plus a few small repairs. There are some other pictures below.With some stain it will be on it's way back to South Carolina.


Here's the back of the chair during weaving in the Blind Cane.


This is a Douchesse set that needs the seats and footstool done in regular hand cane and one section if the larger piece done with Blind cane.

4 Cane Chairs

These 4 chairs have been used by the owner to play cards with the ladies for many years. Now recaned, the should last the ladies many more.

1936 Ford School Bus Frames

 These are 19 frames from a 1936 Ford School Bus that the customer bought to convert into a food truck! The frame were nickel plated but that had long since gone south leaving the brass base metal and a lot of GREEN! Once polished, they were clear coated for protection.

Childs Wicker Rocker

Here is a childs rocker that the back is broken and what's left is very brittle. The customers have a picture of their 98 year old mother sitting in this rocker as a little girl and plan on having pictures of the grandchildren taken in this rocker to start a family tradition.

Childs Wicker Rocker

Here is the rocker with a new back ready to paint. When they picked it up, they were heading back to the NC coast but were going to stop and show Mom the finished product.

Brass Clock

Here is a brass clock that the customer never remembered not being green on the mantel.After taking it apart, we cleaned all the parts, polished them on the wheel and lacqured them to stay bright. The customer has taken it to the clock shop and now it sits on the mantel and runs!

Mahogany Chair

Here is a Mahogany chair that has seen better times. As with a lot of furniture, it has been transformed from a cane chair to an upholstered one to bring it more "up to date". Now it's time to bring it back.

Mahogany Chair

Here is the finished chair with all the material and glued padding gone. Refinished and recaned.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homeworks Fine, But

 The dog left the homework alone but not so much the chair. Plastic wicker, discontinued model. Customer said to replace this one chair would cost more then the whole set. We managed to find a close material to reweave the missing parts. As far as we know, the dog is fine but in the doghouse for sure.

Plastic Sofa

Another dog gone bad. Chewed on both sides of this arm. We repaired then had to color to match. Currently, there is not a lot of choices of materials to repair this type of furniture. You get what you can as close to the old material as possable.

Old Porch Swing

This swing has seen some damage from rain over the years. We braced the bottom,added new seat parts, braid and the front roll and new warpers up the back. New paint and ready for sweet tea on the porch!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Childs Wicker Chair

This chair was a family piece and was restored for the new grandchild to use. We made the new pieces and later put in a new pressed cane seat.

Fiat Jolly Seats

This set of seats was modified to convert the car to a Fiat Jolly. They are slightly different then the factory seats but I don't think anyone will notice on one of these VERY cool cars!

Fiat Rear

Here is the rear set of seats for the Fiat Jolly.

Carriage Seat Riser

This riser is for a two wheel cart. It attaches to the bed of the cart and the seat attaches to the top. It's sitting as you would see from the back. The "front" side is open for storage

Mid Century Frame

This is a frame for a mid century "chrome" chair. The customer bought it on line somewhere and took the frame to be re-chromed the to us for the new weaving. See the pic below.

Mid Century Chrome Chair

Here is the chair done and ready for finish. Used round reed for this project.

McGuire Chair

This is a McGuire chair, one of a set. The seat had broken so we installed a new pressed cane seat and stained to match.

Round Table Braid

Here is a close-up of the new braid on the table. We used binder cane and painted to match.

Round Wicker Table

Here we have a nice wicker table that jus needed some TLC. The edge detail as the most damage so we elented to replace it all.

Mid Century Danish Cane Back

Here is a mid century "Danish" modern chair, one of two. We replaced the back using wide binder cane like it was.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Barrel Back Press Cane Chair

Here is a pressed cane chair with the cane in 3 sections. The top and bottom groove are one for the whole chair and the middle and side pieces share the groove where they join up and down,

Can't Find Good Help

You just can't find good help anymore.

Newest Caner

Here is the newest chair caner to the team, my Great Grandson Ian, born 9/30/2011 at 8 lbs 14 oz. The future looks bright.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fiat Seats Ready

Here are the Fiat seats ready to put in the crate for shipping. We stained just a little to take off the "new" of the reed and coated with a spar varnish based finish. This will work best outside with the sun and not crack over time. Also, as the reed ages, the stain will not become to dark to fast. Ready to cruise!!!