Friday, August 31, 2007

Dyed Fibre Wicker Chair

Here is the finished chiar shown below. The fibre was dyed to match the old remaining finish then the whole chair was clearcoated for added protection without making it appear "new".

Dyed Fibre Wicker Chair

This chair is dyed fibre in several colors. Must of the repair was around the cushion area where spokes were missing or broken. Both sides of the arms were missing braid.Picture shows repairs in place using wirecore fibre in the cushion area.

Childs Wicker Rocker

This childs rocker suffered serious damage. Broken frame pieces, missing spokes on the arm and very old and flaking paint.

Childs Wicker Rocker

Here is the repaired chair with a new paint job.

Rocker and Chair

These 2 items go with the sofa below. Both needed repairs, springs retied, new covers and upholstery and a fresh coat of paint.


This is the finished sofa shown below with new upholstery on the back, new covers on the cushions and a fresh coat of paint of the customers choice

Sofa Before Restoration

This sofa was one of several pieces. The sofa needed repair, new upholstery, springs retied with new covering and repainting

Wicker Sofa

This sofa matrches the 2 chairs in the other post. Fibre wicker, the back was pushed out and broken because of frame damage. The frame was repaired, damage rewoven using wire core fibre and colored to match.

Wicker Armchairs

These 2 chairs are part of a set,the sofa posted above. They had a dark but unpainted finish. Both chairs needed repair at the arms and some new braiding.

Hitchcock Childs Chair

This old chair had a natural rush seat and was replaced using a seagrass which looks alot like the rush.

Old Splint Porch Set

Here is a porch set with new, stained splint. The back piece is a porch swing, front left a rocker, front right a chair. Woven with flat reed, stained to give an old look and clearcoated for protection.