Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hitchcocks Everywhere!

Here's 11 of the customers Hitchcock chairs. They will bring the other half when these are finished. Along with new seats, there are several repairs to be done and the ones he has 5 of, need all new banding. Someone tried to replace one but used material twice as thick as it should be. Pics when finished{it'l be awhile!}

Cane Bottom

This chair is a but unusual in that the cane for the seat and the virticals for the sides use the same holes in the seat frame.Also, each hole appears to have a wood peg to help secure it in place along with the tie-offs on the bottom. The holes had plenty of dirt too! I'll post new pics when finished.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Where Are You??

When you go to look for your "faithful companion" while your in the shop working away,this is not what I'd hoped to find. Guard Dog?

Rattan Chairs

These were bought by my customer from a storage unit. No telling how long they were in there but my guess is they stacked stuff on top or the stack fell and the result is the broken areas on the backs. Now finished, they require stain and finish. Then we can stapt on the 2 "head" chairs that go with these.

Rattan Chair

Here's a rattan chair that was in sad shape. As you can see, all of the wrapping had to be replaced and done in the same pattern as it's one of a set of 7 pieces. Just needs stain and finish.

Rattan Bar Stools

Here's one of a set of Rattan Bar Stools done in the "diamond" pattern, stained and ready for a shot!