Monday, August 24, 2009

Willow Porch Swing

This swing hung on a covered porch for years. When the seat started to go, the owner added wood under for extra support but I think also helped to trap moisture in the seat making it rot faster.The spokes from side to side are all rotted and broken and many of the spokes in the back and arms are broken also.

Willow Porch Swing

We have replaced the seat, new spokes from side to side and replaced the broken spokes in the back and sides. It's back on the frame without the extra wood so it can get the air around it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Round Reed Rocker

Here is the rocker as it was dropped off. Most of the spokes are broken across the front. The whalings across the back part are broken or brittle. The decision was made to remove all this and reweave the whole thing.

Round Reed Back Rocker

Here is the rocker with all new reed in the seat & back in the origional pattern. After the picture, we stained and sealed it to match what we removed. Just after this was taken, another customer dropped off a childs rocker with the exact same pattern.

Drop Off Day!!

Just a picture of the items a customer dropped off. Clean, oll the wood, all new seats, some new rockers and broken rungs. Yes, it's all from one person!

Chain Back Child Rocker

This is just another of the childs rockers done with the chain stitch in the back.I haven't done one of these in a few years and this is the second one like this is a month!