Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homeworks Fine, But

 The dog left the homework alone but not so much the chair. Plastic wicker, discontinued model. Customer said to replace this one chair would cost more then the whole set. We managed to find a close material to reweave the missing parts. As far as we know, the dog is fine but in the doghouse for sure.

Plastic Sofa

Another dog gone bad. Chewed on both sides of this arm. We repaired then had to color to match. Currently, there is not a lot of choices of materials to repair this type of furniture. You get what you can as close to the old material as possable.

Old Porch Swing

This swing has seen some damage from rain over the years. We braced the bottom,added new seat parts, braid and the front roll and new warpers up the back. New paint and ready for sweet tea on the porch!