Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lloyd Loom Type Chair

Here is a Lloyd Loom type chair that the sheet of woven material has broken down over the years. The plan is to replace the entire back/sides with a new piece of woven material.Besides the obvious damage, the material is all dried out and brittle to the touch.

Finished Lloyd Loom Chair

Here is the Lloyd Loom chair with the back replaced with new woven material. This contains the wire core spokes running up & down which the origional weaving material did not have. This probably helped in its break down over the years. now just needs sealing and a fresh coat of green!

Shaker Tape Chairs

Here is one of four Shaker Tape chairs that need replacement. The owners liked the two-tone look of the tape but wanted a change and get rid of the cloth and crumbling foam core under the cloth.

Flat Reed "Shaker Tape"

Here is the finished seat done with regular flat reed and smoked flat reed to give a two-tone effect like the origional shaker tape had. One of four done.