Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seagrass Chairs

One of a set of chairs that had real rush bottoms. The rush had become brittle and broke in many areas, especialy across the front like most chairs will. We used the seagrass as a replacement for the origional rush and after the picture, sealed and added a little color to calm down the "newness" till the seagrass starts to turn color.

"Chain Stitch" Childs Rocker

This cute childs rocker had whats called a "Chain Stitch" in the back that had broken a long time ago. Only about half was left. We made a pattern to form new reed pieces and assembled them to the back. Once the dowels on top, bottom, and sides were wrapped with new 1/2 round reed to cover the nails, it is ready for stain and sealer.

Round Reed Dining Chairs

Here is one of a set of 4 that we did. As in most cases, the bottoms gave out before the backs so we removed the bad back to a safe area, then added new reed. These are on wrought iron frames. With a little stain and sealer, ready fof use!!