Friday, February 29, 2008

Anderson's Restorations on TV

We were featured on our local Fox tv station on a segment called Roy's Folks where they showed some work being done and an interview. If you would like to see this segment, clinc on this link,;jsessionid=1789BBF355A453358D4699902B305FC9?pageId=3.1 then, if it's not on the page at the left side, search for Roys Folks Archive. When you get there, we are under Wicker Worker Jan 28. It was a lot of fun with Roy and David. Take a look!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Old Reed Rocker

This reed rocker was sent to us from KY. It has spent many of the last years in the barn. The seat side rungs are broken, the front rungs are missing. The reed on the seat area is old and brittle and the rolled arms have areas missing where mice have moved in and made nests.
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Reed Rocker Repaired

Here is a phot of the reed rocker stained. We have added missing rungs, replaced the entire seat and about half of the round reed running from top to bottom of seat. Both arms also had repaired areas. The rockers are not on in the photo because it will be shipped and by taking the rockers off, we can use a smaller box to save costs.