Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2 Fibre Wicker Rockers

This is one of two matching rockers made of fibre. They are not in bad shape but many of the spokes on the backs have broken. The wire rusted and couls not hold up. We also repaired some areas of the seats and replaced both skirts. I believe the skirts were most damaged by people getting up from the rockers and placing their legs back and pushing the skirt backwards. Some new braid and they are ready to paint!

2 Fibre Wicker Rockers

Here is the 2nd rocker. New skirt, several new stakes and seat repair.

Friday, March 07, 2008

30 Years of Wicker Restoration & Caning

Anderson's Restorations has entered its 30th year of Wicker Repair, Chair Caning, Furniture Refinishing and more. Located in Yadkinville, North Carolina not for from Winston-Salem a quick hop on I77 or Hwy 421 from most locations. Contact us to arrange for us to look at your items or Email some photos for a "guesstimate" on your repairs. You can arrange to have your items sent to us and we will make sure they are packed well and returned to you.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Rattan Bar

This photo is of one side of the customers rattan bar, part of a set she received from her Grandparents. The cat seemed to think this was a huge scratching post and put several spots like this on the bar, especally on the curved sides. Bad Kitty.

Rattan Bar

Here is the bar with new material woven in the bad spots and stained to match. Pina Colada anyone!!!

Danish Cord

One of two chairs that the Danish Cord was replaced. As with most seats of this type, the front edge of the frame had worn through the cord over time. To help prevent this in the future, we always "ease" the edges of the seat frame to get rid of any sharp edges.

Seagrass Bar Seats

This is 2 of 3 bar seats that had a plastic seagrass look-a-like seats. They were splint and shredded like plastic grocery bags. They were replaced with braided seagrass. The customers response is below.

Customer Comment

Received this email from our customer in NJ,
"Hi Rob
We received the seats Friday night, just put them together today. They look wonderful! Thanks for the detailed instructions on care. I enjoyed doing business with you and will definitely recommend Anderson's Restorations.
Christine "