Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Danish Cord Folding Chair

This folding chair was redone with Danish Cord to match the origional. The chair is walnut and is very wide and low. The customer has had it for many years and can now use it again.

3 Rockers

Here are 3 more of the rocker first posted in July. The patterns in the back and seat are different but match one of the customers origionals which came down through the family. They will be stained as the others and only one more to bring us to finish the set.

Hand Cane Rocker

This is a standard hand cane rocker. What makes it a little different is that it curves from side to side and also bows from top to bottom. It just requires a little more time and patience to get right. It will be stained to match the seat which was in good shape. The reason the back ripped is someone forgot to ease the edge of the wood where the cane goes over it and the sharp edge eventually cut the cane.

Spider Web Caned Rocker

This is the back section of a rocking chair. The spider web cane is brittle, broken and split[not a law firm]. It is a hand cane project and one of a set so the cane pattern needs to be the same. There are other fancy weaves that could have been used.

Spiderweb Caned Rocker

Here is the finished weave. All that is left is to replace or repair some of the wrap and put on a fresh coat of paint.