Saturday, January 31, 2009

Splint Rocker

Nice old rocker. Had a fibre rush seat but we changed it for the customer by using the splint instead. It changes the look and better matches some other items they have. Stain and clearcoat, good for another 100,000 miles.

Hand Cane Oak Rocker

Very nice oak rocker. Recaned and ready for stain or leave alone to age naturally, like me.

4 English Pub Chairs in Seagrass

These English Pub Chairs had what was left of real rush seats. In talking to the customer, we decided to use the seagrass instead. This is considered to be a replacement for real rush in that it looks very much like rush and is easier to use. Don't confuse this with fibre rush which is made from twisted paper.This is a natural material.


This is an oak chair of the type used in a lot of taverns years ago. If this chair could talk. Caned ready for stain and more years of use.


These are 8 plywood frames, about 1/2 thick that fit on the frames. Sent to us from Tenn. The corners are filled before you can weave like a normal seat. After the picture, they were sealed and stained to match the old color and back to Tenn.! We received the following email:
"Hi Rob,Just want you to know that we love the chair seats. They look great on the chairs - just like the originals. The whole family is delighted. Thanks so much for your good work.
Your Welcome!


As you can see, this is a Ladies Rocker needing hand cane on the seat. The back was in fine condition. We caned the seat and stained to match the back.


Well it's the start of a New Year. Many things have changed already. For one, I have filed for my Social Security! Now I feel old. My oldest Grandson has turned 16, he can't be driving a car. It was just last week I was picking him up from elementary school, wasn't it? We also have been asked to give a program at the NC State Museum of History on March 20-22 from 1-3 each day. If you are in the area, please come and see us.
Rob & Judi